As a Michigan board certified plastic surgeon, I belong to two plastic surgery associations: The ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) and the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). The ASAPS recently released their predictions for the hottest procedures and treatments for 2018. Here are four of the top predictions!

1. Dermal fillers. My Michigan plastic surgery patients love dermal fillers as a way to maintain a youthful appearance! As time goes on, the prediction is that fillers will get even better—more “bendable” for the face when it animates. You can trust my many years of experience to select the right filler for the job (softer fillers for lips and firmer ones for cheeks, for example), and to inject just the right amount.

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Winter is a particularly challenging time for skin, but it’s a perfect time  to fall in love with your skin! Here are four tips to perfect your healthy glow!

  • Try a Topical Retinoid

Topical retinoid and vitamin A products, like Avene Retrinal 0.1% Intensive Cream, increase cellular turnover, which means that younger cells are replacing older, duller looking cells at a faster rate. These younger cells absorb moisture better, and contain more of the skins healthy, natural oils to maintain a youthful appearance. You may also find that continued use lessens the appearance of dark spots from scarring or excessive sun exposure. (Just be sure to use a sunscreen, as retinoids use can increase your sensitivity to light!)

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