6 Tips for a Healthier 2018

southwest michigan healthcare tips 2018Most of us approach the New Year with a list of resolutions. We want to feel better, maybe make more money, go on a better vacation this year, etc. Truth is, the bottom line to achieving any of these resolutions rests in how we feel on a day-to-day basis, right? It stands to reason that if you lack energy, feel depressed or anxious, it’s hard to make positive changes. I’m offering a list of Health Tips that might move you in the right direction. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You have 365 days to cultivate a happier, healthier 2018. Give yourself the gift of forward movement on a daily basis, just a small step each day, and you’ll find that by this time next year, you’ll feel happier and will be healthier than you are today!

1. Eat Right

Studies show that most Americans eat too many “white” foods, i.e., processed junk like bread, chips and cookies that not only offer little or no nutritional value, but also actually contribute to the development of unhealthy states such as heart disease and diabetes.

Health Tip: Eat more one-ingredient carbs, such as rice, fruits and veggies instead of multi-ingredient carbs such as pasta, bread and the like. Doing so will improve both your figure and your future!

2. Move More

You don’t need to be a triathlete to give your body the exercise it needs for optimal health. Simply walking 5000 steps a day will dramatically contribute to a better mood and a healthier body.

Health Tip: Get a pedometer and set a goal of 5000 steps a day. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to do!

3. Banish Negative Habits

Are you engaging in destructive lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol and/or drug usage such as diet pills or pot? Rest assured, the toxins from these habits can wreak havoc on your health, resulting in dull skin and nail & hair breakage.

Health Tip: Make this the year you quit smoking, if you still smoke!

4. Improve Your Sleep

Regardless what others tell you, 6 hours of sleep a night isn’t enough. Your body requires 8-9 hours a night to function at its best.

Health Tip: Turn off the screens an hour before bed, as late-night technology fests can keep your brain from relaxing at bedtime. Shut off the bedroom TV before you fall asleep or—better yet—don’t have a TV in the bedroom. Lower the thermostat at night—too much heat interferes with deep sleep. And avoid exercise, stressful thoughts/discussions and alcohol before bed.

5. Drink up, Shriners

The idea that you need 6-8 glasses of water a day isn’t far from the truth! While your body may do well on less, pure water is an excellent method to clear toxins from your system, to energize the brain, and to plump up your cells with the hydrating power of H2O. Coffee and soda don’t count toward that total.

Health Tip: Fill a pitcher with 30-40 oz. of water in the morning and add a sliced lemon. Drink it throughout the day.

6. Serve Up Gratitude

Every single day, every single one of us experiences something that’s not to our liking, yet we can choose what we focus on. Studies prove that engaging in negative thinking can actually cause disease!

Health Tip: Make a plan to review all the wonderful things that are happening in your life on a daily basis. Write it down if you need to. By focusing on the good in life, we live a life of greater joy and happiness. I promise that will reflect itself in your physical and mental well-being.

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