What Happens in a Breast Augmentation Consultation?

The most important appointment we’ll have together is your consultation. After examining your breasts and hearing your goals for enhancement, I’ll take multiple measurements to insure that the right fit is accomplished. Following this, you’ll have the opportunity to insert various sizes of breast implants into a soft jog-bra, so you can estimate the results.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your consultation:

  1. Bring a low-cut, white tee shirt to wear so you can clearly evaluate the amount of cleavage that occurs with various implant sizes.
  2. Bring your Significant Other or close friend with you for feedback. This is a big decision so it’s helpful to have “outside” advice.
  3. When you’ve settled on a size, I’ll come back into the consultation room to see what you’ve decided and give my feedback as well.
  4. Take photos of yourself with the various implants in your bra from the front and the side. Be sure to label them so you know what sizes you inserted in each photo. Tip: write the size on a piece of paper and hold the paper in front of the camera in a corner of the shot. Easy!

Want to find your perfect fit? Schedule a consultation!

Michigan breast augmentationYour breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Raghu Elluru at Southwest Michigan Plastic and Hand Surgery includes a personal implant sizing session, so you can feel the difference between the various implant sizes. Board certified plastic surgeon & breast surgery specialist Dr. Raghu Elluru spends time at each consultation to help you make the right choice. Call 269-329-0655 for your appointment today!

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