Size Matters—But Size Isn’t Everything!

My objective in every breast augmentation is to create natural results with breast implants that compliment my patients’ body shape, lifestyle and personal goals for enhancement.

Two Limiting Factors in Breast Implant Size

Current Breast Size

Your current breast size determines the amount of breast tissue available to cover your breast implants. If you have very small breasts and taut skin, some implants are too large to be covered. Does this mean you can’t “go large”? No. It means that, if you wish to enlarge your breasts more than 2 cup sizes, you may have to increase implant size in stages to avoid stretch marks and/or tissue damage.

Shoulder and Chest Width

Nobody wants their breasts to extend beyond the sides of the rib cage, i.e., “side boob.” For this reason, I carefully measure the width of your breasts so that the results are attractive both when viewed from the front and the side.

Two Important Questions To Answer When Choosing Breast Implant Size

1. What is your personal style?

Most women have a personal style. Maybe you favor a sporty look in your choice of clothing and accessories. Perhaps you tend toward a more glamorous appearance. Whatever your style, there are options in breast implant size and projection to fit your personal style. Consider this, however: of all reasons to replace implants, the biggest reason is a desire to be larger. On the other hand, going too large can set you up for sagging and back pain down the road.

2. What is your lifestyle?

Women engaged in rigorous sporting activities tend to prefer smaller implants. Intensive physical workouts, even with a snug fitness bra, will contribute to breast bouncing, which can impact the speed of breast sagging. Further, if your implants are too big to allow you to exercise comfortably, you won’t be happy.

Two Facts About Breast Implants & Pregnancy

If you plan to have children, it’s wise to know two basic facts about breast implants & pregnancy:

  1. Most women can breastfeed without problems after breast augmentation
  2. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can increase the likelihood of breast sagging, with or without implants.

Most Women Aren’t Matchy-Matchy in the Breast Department

southwest michigan breast implantsIs one of your breasts larger or smaller than the other? Believe it or not, this is pretty common. Most often this asymmetry is barely noticeable but for some women, it’s a full cup size! One of the many benefits of breast augmentation is my ability to adjust implant sizes so that your breasts are symmetrical when we’re finished!

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